Welding tailored blanks is one of the most important applications of laser welding in the automotive industry. An automated industrial-suited weld inspection system should enable a 100% control of the laser weld.

By analyzing the profile, the weld structure, and pores in a single compact sensor the fully automated online inspection system controls to 100% the weld at laser welding. Especially important are thereby the three-dimensional absolute geometry of the weld profile and the homogeneity of the weld surface.
At image pre-processing, the position and edge of the weld must be recognized accurately and fast. The blank part or workpiece material must have differed from the weld area and the data traffic is reduced. To achieve this, information such as brightness, contrast as well as specific geometry and size information is analyzed using special algorithms.

Project Details

Industry: Automotive Industry

Featured Application: Laser Welding of Tailored Blanks

Solution: Laser triangulation (3D) and grey image analysis (2D) along with three parallel procedures: 3D profile analysis, 2D weld structure analysis (weld texture analysis) and 2D pore analysis.