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27 Dec, 2018

New product release from Myutron: low magnification Telecentric Lens for large format ⌀ 44mm, 12 Mega Pixel Telecentric Lens for 1.1″ Sensor.


Highlights At A Glance:

  • 11 kind of wide view Telecentric Lenses are available
  • Suitable for F mount camera: 71 MP, 29 MP and C mount camera: 12 MP, 8.9 MP
  • Designed for long working distance, 200mm that can secure enough space to set up
  • Adjustable iris, possible to adjust depth of field and contrast
  • Possible to capture wide view with large format, high resolution camera
  • Suitable for high-precision measurement of large-sized boards and electronic parts
Model No. Image Circle Magnification Mount WD
MGTL012V ⌀ 16mm 0.12x C 200mm
MGTL015V 0.15x
MGTL02V 0.2x
MGTL0132V ⌀ 17.6mm 0.132x
MGTL0164V 0.164x
MGTL022V 0.22x
LSTL022T-F ⌀ 29mm 0.22x F/M42
LSTL0275T-F 0.275x
LSTL0366T-F 0.366x
LSTL035H-F ⌀ 44mm 0.35x
LSTL05H-F 0.5x