A new 3D stereo camera model in the Karmin3 family

Our business partner is expanding the Karmin3 stereo camera series with a further standard model with 5 cm baseline distance for 3D depth measurements in the extreme near field, from a measuring distance of 0.1 m.

The new Karmin3, 5 cm stereo camera shines with its compact design. With a weight of just 330 g (without lenses) and the slim dimensions of 154 × 41 x 44 mm, the device can be easily integrated into your next machine vision application.

Small but powerful, the new model delivers the same performance as its bigger sisters: high resolution at excellent frame rates, 3-MP Sony Pregius IMX 265 sensor, robustness and the usual flexible configuration options with a wide range of lenses. So the 3D stereo camera adapts to your requirements as usual.

The Karmin3 5 cm stereo camera is available as a monochrome or color camera. The following are some configuration examples for the monochrome camera. For more possibilities, as well as information about the color model, please see the Karmin3 product page.

Focal lengthResolutionDisparity rangeMin. DepthFoVFrame rate
3.5mm1024 x 768256 pixel0.10m91°33 fps
4mm1024 x 768256 pixel0.11m83°33 fps
4mm2016 x 1536256 pixel0.23m82°7 fps
6mm1024 x 768256 pixel0.17m61°33 fps
6mm2016 x 1536256 pixel0.34m60°7 fps
8mm1024 x 768256 pixel0.23m48°33 fps
8mm2016 x 1536256 pixel0.45m47°7 fps

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