Adjust Your Lens Focus Remotely with LensConnect


This application note aims to explore the use of Computar’s LensConnect series, where users are able to remotely adjust the zoom, focus, and iris of the lens. 

Problem Statement

Have you ever encountered an out of focus lens? Usually, one would have to adjust the lens back in focus manually. However, what if the camera is out of reach or covered by a protective housing? It would be quite a time-consuming and challenging task for one to manually readjust the lens focus, especially if it is on a busy highway. Also, one might need an additional person to check the image quality while the user fixes the lens.

With this, which lens would be a better solution to solve this problem? 


One way to counter this problem would be to use Computar’s LensConnect series, where users can remotely control the motorised P-iris lens through a USB interface.

Figure 1: Set up of Computar LensConnect DL1623UC-MPY with Basler acA2500-14uc and Icron USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022 in a protective housing
Figure 2: Example of camera mounted on 3m height (Image courtesy of

Along with a Computar LensConnect DL1623UC-MPY, the SODA VISION Tech Team used a Basler camera acA2500-14uc and Icron USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022 in a protective housing for this set-up.

Figure 3: Computar’s LensConnect software

Using Computar’s open-source software, users are able to adjust the lenses’ zoom, focus, and iris with a click on their computers. These lenses can also switch focus in different areas while in motion within an adjustable time interval, making this set-up suitable for traffic monitoring. This includes Fast Track Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF), Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) or Electronic Tolling.

Figure 4: Example of Fast Track Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) (Image courtesy of

When paired with Icron USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022, users are able to connect the camera from the set-up directly to their computers using USB 3.0 cables of over 100 meters. These two-port multifiber extenders allow users to plug and play, making it simple for new engineers to use.

Hence, definitely consider using Computar’s LensConnect for remotely adjustable lenses and easy-to-use software.

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