Advanced CVP SODIAN Achiever!


On 22nd June, a group of our brilliant engineers namely, Adrian, Aki, Bobby, Chris, Christina, and Peng Fai, sat for the Advanced Certified Vision Professional (CVP) Examination and passed with flying colors! In accordance with their daily work, this group of engineers managed their time well while keeping each other in check by creating a study group to discuss and share their ideas together.

In lieu of their flying performances, we have decided to celebrate their achievement by having a short interview with them and perhaps get some insider tips on how to ace the CVP examination!

Firstly, we asked Adrian and Chris about their overall experience of sitting for the Advanced CVP examination and what are the advice they will provide to someone who intends to sit for this examination?

Adrian: It was stressful, but I have gained a sense of accomplishment after getting to know something new.

Chris: There are a lot of topics that needed to study for the advanced examination. However, if you are in the technical team of machine vision in your workplace every day, you will love it!

Adrian believes that there is no shortcut to this, and one should understand the working principles and study them! Whereas Chris, on the other hand, advised to not study last minute as you will not be able to remember all the information you have crammed into your head. He also mentioned that having a discussion session with a group of colleagues who were taking the examination together is useful in understanding difficult topics.

Next, we asked Aki, Bobby, Christina, and Peng Fai about the challenges they have encountered while preparing for the examination and how did they overcome them?

Aki: The challenge that I faced was the time allocation for study and work. And because I wish to learn and bring my value to myself, that is what motivated me to overcome it.

Bobby: The biggest challenge is self-procrastination. However, having a study group and weekly sharing helps to avoid the “do it tomorrow” trap. We compelled each other to study and follow strict timelines in order to complete the study materials before the exam.

Christina: The disturbance of social media such as Instagram, movies, and drama causes my inability to concentrate on the webinar and study

Peng Fai: Time management is quite critical as I will need to distribute limited hours wisely after daily work. Making a timetable and study according to the schedule planned is the key point to success.

And based on your experiences, any word of advice to anyone who intends to sit for the examination?

Bobby: Firstly, quickly glance through the presentations and assess how well you know the content. Then, plan and organize your time to study and work as a team and practice explaining the key concepts to everyone. Thirdly, understand how the questions will be scored, and finally, pray together with your teammates.

Christina: Planning a timetable to study by chapter, writing your own notes/ mind maps for understanding and a group discussion among your teams enhance your understanding.

Peng Fai: Besides studying hard, eating well, and exercising always keep the mind sharp and fresh.

To summarize their advice, it is important to always plan ahead being designing a timetable or a study plan and strictly adhere to it to prevent procrastination, and of course, a study group to discuss any issues with understanding the topic while keeping everyone in check on their study progress.

With this, we hope the advice and quote that our engineers have humbly shared with all of us will motivate you to work harder towards your goal or pass your Advanced CVP examination with flying colors as they did!