Explore the Power of AI

13 March, 2020. As industrial applications of artificial intelligence, machine vision, 3D imaging, machine learning, and big data analysis become increasingly prevalent, more and more equipment builders and system integrators…


…are demanding computers equipped with GPU cards in order to leverage the parallel architecture and superior computing power for accelerated processing.

Certified for thermal, mechanical, and electrical compatibility with GPU cards, Advantech’s edge inferene computers are industrial-grade hardware platforms that offer a wide operating temperature range, vibration tolerance, and compact/modular form factors to support diverse industrial equipment manufacturing, intelligent factory, and smart city applications.


Compared with traditional CPUs, GPUs offer superior power for processing large volumes of data, making them ideal for computing-intensive industrial applications such as medical imaging, smart surveillance, intelligent video analytics, and machine learning. In addtion to accelerating data processing and video decoding, which frees up the system memory, GPUSs enable enhanced graphics for precise and vivid imaging.