Affordable. High Definition. SWIR Vision.

7 January, 2019.

SWIR Vision Systems™ introduces the Acuros™ family of high definition cameras featuring CQD™ sensor technology. Acuros cameras deliver visible-to-SWIR band…

…high resolution images, at superior cost points compared to InGaAs SWIR cameras. The cameras are classified as non-ITAR, EAR99 products, and are intended for use in applications including industrial machine vision, security,  agricultural imaging, and more.

Three distinct SWIR Vision Systems cameras are built with increasing resolution to provide the needed performance for specific applications.


Ideal in daylight or artificially lit environments, Acuros cameras provide the superior image resolution needed in challenging image sensing environments. With inherently lower cost than InGaAs cameras, Acuros SWIR Cameras provide an excellent value solution for system integrators.

The challenge: Expensive InGaAs Sensors

Presently, commercially available, short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagers are based on costly, high-purity semiconductor materials such as indium-gallium-arsenide (InGaAs) that are grown on indium phosphide (InP) substrate. To form electrical connections between each photodiode (i.e., pixel) and the corresponding Si ROIC input, the two devices are joined, one detector at a time, by metal-to-metal bonding. This time-consuming process, known as hybridization, is carried out by forming an array of bumps on the detector die, bringing this bumped array into contact with an array of metal bumps on the ROIC die, and then reflowing the bonds to form the electrical connections. The hybridization process imposes limitations on array size, pixel size, and sensor resolution.

The innovations: CQD™ Sensor Technology

CQD™ sensor technology changes the performance-to-cost point of SWIR cameras. CQD semiconductor crystals are deposited from solution directly on the surface of silicon CMOS circuitry. The resulting monolithic photodetector structure enables higher resolution and eliminates the prohibitively expensive hybridization process inherent to InGaAs sensors.

Application Example Images

Food Sorting

Fill Level Detection

Maritime Imaging – Overcast

Imaging Applications

Low-cost CQD™ sensors enable imaging and remote sensing in a range of industries.

Industrial AutomationSafety and SecurityAgricultureAutomotive
  • Machine Vision
  • Quality Inspection
  • Process Control
  • Moisture Detection
  • Fill Level Inspection
  • Plastics Sorting
  • Chemical Sensing
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Explosives Detection
  • Degraded Visual Environment
  • Maritime Haze Penetration
  • Smoke Penetration
  • Crop Healthy Monitoring
  • Water Stress and Moisture Measurement
  • Irrigation Control
  • Food Sorting
  • Day/Night Vehicle Collision Avoidance
  • Autonomous Navigation