Basic CVP SODA VISION Achievers!

Basic CVP Sodian Quote

Brilliant Engineers from SODA VISION Passed Their CVP Examination!

In the month of June, we have another group of engineers from SODA VISION who passed their Basic Certified Vision Professional (CVP) examination. These individuals are Sungwook from Singapore Headquarters, CY from the Malaysia office, and Duy from the Vietnam office.

We have gathered them for a short interview on their point of view and experiences on preparing for the Basic CVP examination. So we started off by asking each of them what inspired them to join the machine vision and imaging technologies industry. 

CY said that he foresees this industry (machine vision and imaging technologies) as a booming industry in near future as well as all the latest technology will emerge from this industry as well. Similarly, Sungwook said that he believed that this industry will become more important as time goes by since everyone is looking forward to having an automation system or a virtual world. Duy, on the other hand, said that due to his past experiences where he had the opportunity to visit many factories pre-COVID in Vietnam, he saw that many did not apply vision applications in their production line. Thus, he thought to himself that there is a high potential for machine vision in Vietnam in the upcoming years which also led him to join SODA VISION.

Moving on, we then asked them about the experiences they have encountered while preparing for the examination and any pointers they could provide for others who would like to sit for the examination as well.

CY highlighted that a mere review through the chapters will not be enough as one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the topics to sit for the examination. Despite that, one will definitely learn a lot during your preparation for this examination. Duy recommended that one need to study well to absorb as much information as one could as well as the application methodology. Sungwook mentioned that A3 does provide training material for those who registered for the examination, one just has to study well and will be able to pass easily!

Lastly, we have noticed that the common challenges that they encountered while preparing for the examination were that they did not realize that it would take such a long period of time to study the materials, as expected as there was a lot of specific terminologies that they have never heard of before, as well as image processing as they have to recognize how the application works.

To conclude from this brief interview with CY, Sungwook, and Duy, we can derive that it is definitely a doable task to pass the examination with effort and hard work. Juggling with both work and examination was definitely not an easy task and not everyone is able to do so, thus we have to congratulate these brilliant individuals for their effort and passing the examination!