Basler imaWorx CXP-12 Quad Frame Grabber

The imaWorx CXP-12 Quad Frame Grabber

The brand new imaWorx CXP-12 Quad frame grabber with four ports is designed for the fastest camera sensors and cameras with CoaXPress interface on the market. This new frame grabber can accelerate image acquisition and processing of your vision system while minimizing your overall system costs! Additionally, line scan cameras can also be connected to the imaWorx frame grabber via a firmware applet (Shaft Encoder) which will then enable a lean image processing system with lesser hardware components and thus optimizes the PC and setup of accurately synchronized multi-camera and multi-boards systems. The frame grabber is capable of providing extensive image pre-processing, which remarkably reduces the load on the host computer’s CPU. This warrants high bandwidths as well as low latencies and thermal output even in real-time environments while constantly delivering the most accurate measurement results. All Basler frame grabbers guarantee top-class quality as they are developed by the Mannheim branch (formerly Silicon Software).

The imaWorx CXP-12 Quad frame grabber comes with 2 GB RAM memory, which enable it to achieve robust image acquisition up to large data volumes – up to 50 Gbps from the area scan camera for both grayscale and color images (monochrome, RGB, bayer) with a maximum sensor resolution of 32k x 65k pixels. The PCI Express interface PCIe 3.0 x8 guarantees very high transfer rates of 7,2000 Mbps into the host computer that facilitates this performance.

The CoaXPress standard provides for long cables that cater to industrial use. Not to mention, in addition to the robust transmission of image data, the data cable concurrently assures power supply to the cameras via Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP) and signal control, which lowers the number of cables used. Basler, too, offers flexible CXP-12 DrC drag chain cables that are distinctly apt for electronics inspection (AOI inspection), agricultural technology as well as simple robotic systems.

Extensive Image Pre-Processing and Triggering

Image pre-processing on the frame grabber unloads both the camera and CPU, which enables to increase the system speed with more free computing capacity. The imaWorx CXP-12 Quad offers complementing functions like LUT (Look-Up Tables), white balance, horizontal and vertical mirroring, debayering (5×5), and ROI functions even before the image data is stored on the RAM memory.

Challenging applications require the use of numerous CXP-12 cameras and sometimes up to several frame grabbers in one PC. With the imaWorx CXP-12 Quad, can support multi-board systems as well as multi-camera setups for several link configurations in single, dual, quad, and triple/mixed mode (single + dual). This frame grabber can accurately synchronize the cameras in these systems along with other components such as actuators and sensors via integrated signal control without additional components (however, an additional trigger cable can be used if required), with the lowest latencies even in high-speed applications. For this objective, the board has a front GPIO which permits the connection of an additional GPIO board for advanced trigger modes for special applications with real-time requirements such as industrial automation (semiconductor, AOI inspection, flat panel display inspection, sorting) as well as medical technology.

Basler imaWorx CXP-12 Quad
Basler imaWorx CXP-12 Quad
Basler imaWorx CXP-12 Quad

Lean system at competitive price

Reduced development, configuration, integration, and maintenance effort due to:

  • Compatible Basler components
  • Lean system design due to optimized hardware and software configuration
  • Runtime SDK for all CXP-12 cameras for easy application integration
  • Support of the most important software libraries and GenICam (GenTL)
  • Industrial reliability

The imaWorx frame grabbers are preprogrammed with the VisualApplets graphical development environment. Customers have the flexibility to opt to upgrade from the microEnable 5 ironman CXP-6 frame grabber to the new imaWorx CXP-12 Quad with ease.

Basler offers a wide range of extensive CXP-12 portfolios to customers, which consists of boost cameras with the latest sensors, interface cards accurately paired to the boost cameras, software, cables, C- and F-mount lenses. These components are constantly tested for its compatibility throughout the product lifecycle to ensure constant updates and long-lasting support. They are easy to install via the plug-and-play system while also allow customers to have the flexibility to make their own customizations according to their systems’ needs.

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