20 June, 2017. There is a need for surveillance cameras to film with clear images in a variety of environments. Sony’s image sensors…

…meet this need by providing high-sensitivity performance suitable for night filming.

The Sony STARVIS is back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors for surveillance camera applications. It features a sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1 µm2 (color product, when imaging with a 706 cd/m2 light source, F5.6 in 1 s accumulation equivalent), and realizes high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions.

Optimum Design for Surveillance Camera Use

In addition to the back-illuminated structure, the sensitivity performance has been extended from the visible light range to include the near-infrared range to support filming at night, which is essential for surveillance camera use. In addition to the ability to illuminate dark environments, efficiently incorporating near-infrared light has also enabled clear filming at night.

Back-illuminated CMOS Image Sensor – Greater Sensitivity than the Human Eye!

Unlike the front-illuminated-type image sensor, the image is acquired through the back side where there are no obstacles such as wiring or circuits, so a wider range of light is collected on the photo-diode, achieving high sensitivity. Moreover, it uses the very first pixel specifically developed for surveillance use in a back-illuminated structure.