24 November, 2017.

Challenges and Solutions: 

Warehouse monitoring is usually being done in analog by IP/ security cameras.


However, analog monitoring is for viewing purpose only without any live feed data to computer system.

In this real life example, we use Basler Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera to digitize the live feed data which combines 2D and depth image in one shot from one camera makes 3D imaging easy without sacrificing the 2D potential. This features often applied on applications such as detecting warehouse physical condition and capacity monitoring, arrangement and localisation, warehouse usage behavior study, safety and security alert.

The challenges often faced by customer will be the wide viewing range with lesser precision. This happened while covering a large Field of View (FOV), lack of precision with tolerance of 1cm, or unable to detect small object.

By using Basler Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera, we able to differences of shape from the image to determine different items. For example, square or rectangular shape for carton, complex rectangular shape for forklift, dot or round shape on a person etc. With the depth information of Basler Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera, we will be able to determine the stacking height of a carton to measure the distance of each items, to differentiate a person is in a standing or sitting position, to check on the loaded and unloaded forklift, to examine the restricted area etc.

With digitized live feed data, it enable customer to move on with IoT and Industry 4.0 by creating a safety warehouse environment with the accuracy of visual updates.

Technologies Used:

CameraBasler Time-of-Flight Camera
ProcessorAdvantech MIC Series
SoftwareMVTec Halcon

Live View Captured:


Benefits Include:

Pulsed Time-of-Flight Camera provides a multipart image with 2D and 3D data in one shot
VGA resolution for outstanding 3D imaging
Easy to integrate: Single component for reduced complexity – no moving parts
Industrial standard interface (GigE)
Use of NIR LEDs which provide eye safety according to EN 62471:2008
Optimized for indoor applications