Camera-based IoT Gateway for Machine Data Acquisition

2 March, 2020.

The collection of operating data and machine data supports the analysis of machine and production data and provides important feedback for production planning and production control. In a traditional factory, the operators need to manually check the machine HMI/Monitor for such information and record them using checklists and then find a way to make it actionable later on.

In some cases, older machines and equipment do not have the capability to install new sensors to automate the data collection process. The only way to digitize this information is to grab the machine’s data from the existing HMI/Monitor or light indicators and process it using computer vision.

Identifying various features in a HMI Screen


Technological progress in embedded design and AI vision technology have enabled a number of new applications where small size, low power consumption, and low cost are essential. The idea here is to use compact cameras that provide us with an interface to upload captured images, to a local server that processes their images using machine learning and computer vision. After which, the processed data is sent to the cloud just like any other IoT sensors.

Component Used

Camera model: daA2500-14uc, 5 MP

Lens: Evetar Lens M12B0816W F1.6 f8mm 1/2″

Cables: Cable USB 3.0, Micro B / A, 1 m

Software: Basler pylon Linux ARM

Edge Gateway: Advantech MIC-720AI (Nvidia Jetson TX2)

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