Capture Clear Images in your Applications with Autofocus!


This application note aims to explore the use of a Basler dart camera combined with an NXP board to develop an autofocus function that users can implement in their applications.

Problem Statement

Labels on parcels are pivotal for deliveries as it has crucial information one would need for a parcel to reach its destination. When a parcel is sent to the warehouse, the receiver often needs to scan the labels for further Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or data extraction. The data extracted will then be converted for data analysis and provide tracking information for consumers to track their parcels. 

However, since parcels come in many different shapes and sizes, it would be challenging for the user to manually focus the lens to get the best focus of the parcel’s label. This would be inefficient and time-consuming in day-to-day operations, as it would require additional manpower resources.

Hence, what would be the most efficient way to capture the label images without having to manually focus the lens for every parcel?


Figure 1: Basler dart daA4200-30mci camera and NXP i.MX 8M Mini EVK board setup

The SODA VISION Tech Team combined a Basler dart daA4200-30mci camera with an NXP i.MX 8M Mini EVK board and developed a solution to resolve this issue. The Basler dart camera is able to autofocus on labels on different parcel sizes through a software, Pylon Viewer, installed on the board. Users can set the region of interest (ROI) to let the camera focus on a specific point on their objects for fast focusing. This means that users no longer have to manually adjust the camera’s focus to get the best focus on each parcel label. 

Figure 2: Basler dart daA4200-30mci camera and NXP i.MX 8M Mini EVK board setup with parcels of different height

Basler dart camera is also able to automatically adjust the focus of the parcel label with different heights within 1-2 seconds, making it efficient for users to scan multiple boxes of various sizes in a short period of time.

The NXP board allows users to upload their own software, making this setup suitable for other applications such as facial recognition and drone inspections. Moreover, Basler dart cameras are ideal for embedded vision since they are relatively small, making them easier to mount on drones or applications that have space constraints.

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