Collaboration Gets Stronger Than Ever

31 December, 2018.

SODA VISION Pte Ltd has been Basler’s distribution partner in Singapore and Malaysia since 2013. Earlier this month, CEO of Basler AG, Dr Dietmar Ley visited our…


…Singapore office and shared his knowledgeable insights regarding current and future technology trends of machine vision with Mr Eng Chin Jack, Managing Director of SODA VISION.

When asked by Eng on the current marketing trend for machine vision, Ley explained that the machine vision industry was maturing and coupled with new business models and structure changes in the market, he felt that “Basler needs to develop from being a camera company to providing the whole set of hardware components in the future.”

This new step, which will be undertaken by Basler very soon, will absolutely bring more value to customers as it enables them to adapt into the business within a shorter timeframe with lower cost.

Eng then asked “Is CoaXPress worth watching as the world’s leading standard for high-speed imaging?” The answer will be yes. Ley mentioned that “the CoaXPress interface technology comes into place and market share will get newly circulated, so we find that this is also a perfect time for Basler to enter this new market segment and we’re looking forward to it.”

Mr Eng continued “With CXP-12, will Basler have a camera with larger sensor, higher resolution and faster speed?” Ley prided Basler for its renowned price-performance ratio in the market and said “we would establish the recipe of success where we have been executing with the members of the ace camera line to repeat the success in the high resolution market.”