Coming Soon…Cooled HD SWIR!

22 September, 2019. SWIR Vision will introduce in Q4 2019 the first ever cooled quantum dot SWIR camera, the AcurosTM 1920×1080 HD SWIR camera with TEC. The camera design will…


Product Preview: Acuros HD SWIR Camera with TEC to be launched Q4 2019.

…include single-stage cooled TEC operation for the Acuros product family, providing enhanced SNR and more stable imaging performance. The TEC version will be available on the Acuros VGA, Acuros 1.3MP and Acuros Full HD SWIR cameras.

Machine Vision SWIR Imaging Application

The Acuros CQD camera from SWIR Vision is used here to image presence and absence of food products through cellophane packaging. Imaging notes: Image captured with Halogen backlight and 1475nm long pass filter.


Polarized Sunglass SWIR Imaging Application

Facial recognition applications require IR cameras to see through obscuring sunglass lenses. Here a 1280 x 1024 Acuros CQD 1.3MP SWIR camera imaging of eye pupils through polarized sunglasses.  Imaging notes: Image captured with halogen front light and 850nm long pass filter.

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