Communic Asia 2017

CommunicAsia is the largest integrated ICT event where decision makers, key influencers and thought leaders gather to learn about the latest technological innovations, address critical issues, and be updated in emerging market trends. BroadcastAsia is the largest representative integrated event for film, TV and entertainment industries.

Highlight #1: Vehicle Recognition by Deep Learning Algorithm

What are deep learning and why are there such a topic of interest for industrial image processing? They eliminate the need for developers to define differentiation criteria; Deep learning instead learn the criteria on their own and apply that “knowledge”to precision tasks. Yet they inherently cannot work reliably and unerringly out of the box. They must first receive in-depth training.

Our demonstration describes how this training can be conducted, the preparatory steps required for it and the individual development steps involved with setting up a neural network.

Highlight #2: See Everything. CLEARLY

Computar lenses add value to the best ITS system by allowing for precise, enhanced images. Our wide selection of focal length and zoom options ensure that we have the solution that best fits our needs.

Don’t let the lens be the weak link in your system. Choosing a great lens tailored to your system’s needs can be daunting, but that what we’re here for. Talk to lens specialist at SODA VISION today and find out how we can assist in selecting the correct lens for you.

Highlight #3: HD Recording at 900fps Slow Motion System

Streampix is the ultimate Digital Video Camera Recording software. If offers a state of the art user interface, and an enormous amount of usage flexibility for single or multiple camera recording. With StreamPix, it is possible to view , control and acquire from multiple cameras simultaneously, all in the same user interface.

  • HD Recording at 900fps using CoaXPress camera
  • Precision synchronization for all cameras

Highlight #4: Long Range Wide Angle Strobe Light

Designed to replace high power xenon strobes, this affordable strobe can project a beam of light to over 150 feet to illuminate a small target. This light features a NEMA rated polymer all weather vapor tight enclosure with O-ring and a power coated side blocking projection hood. Features built-in controller, 60 Hz flash rate, up to 40 feet and 4 traffic lanes, 5-color available (Red, Green, Blue, White, Infrared).

Application includes:

  • Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Stop Motion Video
  • High Speed Photography
  • Night Vision Surveillance