Deep Learning with Embedded Vision

9 December, 2019. Embedded vision enables a large number of new applications that rely on compact size, low power consumption and low costs. Combining deep learning…

…and cost-effective embedded vision systems can lead to innovative embedded applications.


Basler Embedded Vision Systems for Deep Learning

Basler offers more than just high-quality camera modules with different sensors, frame rates and interfaces to get the best fit for your deep learning application. We also supply you with ready-to-go development kits to accelerate your development. Our products work with different processor options from all major manufacturers, such as NXP, NVIDIA or Qualcomm.

The Advantages of Basler Products for Embedded Deep Learning Applications Are:

– compact systems due to small form factor

– lowest system cost due to lean hardware design

– scalability with different processor options from all major manufacturers (NXP, NVIDIA, Qualcomm)

– industry-proven and long-lasting hardware components

– easy cloud integration (AWS, Azure, Google)

Implementing Deep Learning – in the Cloud or on the Edge

No matter which processing unit you choose, Basler offers the driver packages and software you need to get your deep learning application running. Baslers embedded vision technology makes it easy to run one or multiple vision systems for deep learning applications on the edge.We offer easy cloud integration through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google cloud platform. Do you want to deploy your artificial neuronal network (ANN) on the edge? No problem!


Basler Embedded Vision Solutions Design

From concept studies to the complete solution, Basler helps you design your specific deep learning solution. We offer consulting to choose the right network topology and the best-fitting processing hardware and analytic software tools.