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3-smallAs competition grows, manufacturers are facing tremendous pressure on cost reduction, and accelerated time to market. Compelled to replace human workers and manual processes, factories have been finding new ways to implement automated visual inspections.

One of the greatest barriers is the time and resource required to bring such solutions to a productive and stable state suitable for industrial setting. Thanks to Deep Learning algorithm, we finally are able to cut down custom and runtime intensive programming of traditional vision software.

We hereby sincerely invite you and your colleagues to visit us. Let us show you, how our Deep Learning Vision Box could improve productivity and reduce cost.

DATE: 12 – 14 Oct 2016

VENUE: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre


Highlight #1: – Basler Microscopy PowerPack Camera System

Don’t strain your eyes. We have prepared a zooming microscope which combine high resolution imaging lens and Basler Microscopy camera dedicated for your QA/QC inspection.

  • Cost efficient
  • Smooth live viewing, no re-focusing and re-calibration
  • Push button 4-step Zoom
  • Measurement and saving of images for archive

All of these powerpack features will lead to productivity gain by cutting down 90% of your usual operating time. And better Work Safety and Health for the users too.


Highlight #2: -Artificial Intelligent Software for Machine Vision – ViDi System

Introducing First Ready-to-use Deep-Learning Based Machine Vision Software, SODA-ViDi Advance Inspection Suite powered by ViDi. Challenge us to solve the impossible inspection task in machine vision!
Let us show you how you could solve your application without programming!


Highlight #3: -Basler Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera

Meet the latest innovation from Basler! Basler’s Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera provides you with a 2D and a 3D image in one shot. By utilizing the depth information from a time-of-flight (TOF) camera, we can identify and classify objects for a wide variety of applications including logistics, factory automation, and biometrics.

2D or 3D cameras for your application? Come talk to us to find out which is most suitable for your application!