Easy Color Calibration of Cameras

easy colors calibration of cameras

Medical professionals often perform examinations or image acquisitions in different rooms, under different lighting conditions and with different equipment. They also contrast current images with previous images over time. To ensure that all image recordings closely correspond to the colors of the examination object as in daylight, a high accuracy of color reproduction in the image recording devices as well as on monitors is crucial.

Most cameras already offer color presets (light source presets) for standard lighting such as daylight, LED or tungsten, which are sufficient for simple applications such as video surveillance. In more demanding applications, the color settings must be adjusted for the specific situation – that is, calibrated – to avoid color errors. With the help of a color calibrator, color cameras can be automatically calibrated in seconds.

Vision Campus: Why should I color calibrate my camera?

The color information in an image is of great importance for many applications, especially in medicine. For diagnoses in pathology, ophthalmology, or dermatology, for example, doctors need reproducible, standardized color information. If no suitable light source preset is available, color cameras can be calibrated in seconds for maximum color fidelity.

*Camera shown in the video: Basler MED Ace