Euclid Labs Moonflower Series for Random Bin Picking

24 September, 2018.

In Random Bin Picking, we choose the vision sensor depending on the features of the object, the resolution required for the…


…accuracy of the picking considering the whole application. In Random Bin Picking applications, our competences in 3D Vision and path planning are merged to achieve high reliability and low cycle time. We choose the vision sensor depending on the features of the object, the resolution required for the accuracy of the picking considering the whole application.

Our software allows robot to pick randomly mixed parts recognizing position of the pieces in a bin, it calculates robot trajectories with full collision avoidance taking into account box, gripper, robot and other parts in a bin.

  • 3D Vision Technology
  • Support of the most used brand robots
  • Full position and orientation recognition of parts
  • Collision Control
  • Cycle time down to 6 sec

Moonflower software drives a robot to localize and pick randomly mixed parts from a pallet or a bin and perform proper action according to what required by further process.

Feeding Turning CentersMoonflower Purple is the solution used for robot bin picking of solid and symmetric parts that are randomly mixed in a bin. It applies to robotic
feeding turning centers or loading heating systems before hot stamping. A single robot can handle multiple boxes and usually feeds two target
Best Gripping PrecisionMoonflower Blue runs where the shape of parts requires the best gripping precision. It is typically determined by complexity of the pieces
being picked and consequently by gripping possibilities. More than one gripping position can be defined for each part. Moonflower Blue ,
with the most complete and accurate vision sensors, applies mostly in automotive industry.
For Metal Sheet PartsMoonflower Red is created for handling reflective metalsheet parts. In world of 3D vision, lighting conditions and properties of the part that
is going to be processed, may create difficulties. Moonflower Red is equipped with proper sensors in order to overcome those limitations
and to provide effective solution for robot bin picking randomly mixed metalsheets. After being picked the part can be handed to press
brake or panel bending machine.
For Big and Simple ObjectsMoonflower White works with large and simple shaped objects. It applies to randomly mixed or pilled up objects. Moonflower White has
been successfully applied to unstack cement bags, to load water heater parts on welding lines, to depalletize or to feed textile machines
with spools of thread.