EverPro – Smart Warehousing

The unmanned warehouse has always been the ultimate goal pursued by major e-commerce giants including Amazon, which can greatly reduce labor costs, improve efficiency by robots and speed up the normal circulation of internal goods.To achieve this goal, robot arm need to be able to pick out single and multiple items from a pile of items as accurately and quickly as human hand, in the meantime, does not damage other items. and it is necessary for a number of technologies such as machine vision, 3D perception and motion control to cooperate seamlessly. It needs the seamless cooperation of machine vision, 3D perception, motion control and many other technologies. In order to speed up the arrival of the era of “unmanned warehouse”, Amazon has publicly held Amazon Picking Challenge every year since 2015.

In this application scenario, machine vision and 3D perception involve cameras and sensors. As a universal data transmission interface, USB 3.0 has transmission bandwidth of 5Gbps and supports the transmission of high-definition images and control signals, which is preferred by more and more system schemes. With its features of supporting long-distance transmission and ultra flexibility, Everpro’s USB3.0 High-Flex Active Optical Cable has become the preferred cable for matching cameras and sensors in such applications.

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