High Precision Lens for 5 Megapixel Area Sensors

We are pleased to announce the new release of an additional model to our existing MP-5M Series – the high precision telecentric MP-011M-150-5M. With an optical magnification of 0.11x, a large field of view could be obtained (e.g. 80mm (H) x 60mm (V) on a 2/3″ sensor), providing value-added high cost performance.

Telecentric lens with low optical magnification optimized for 3.45μm pixel size sensors

– Suitable for up to 2/3” sensor providing relatively large FOV for high-cost performance applications.

– Slit mechanism on the lens body tube designed for fixture holder installation.

– Optional protective lens filter (M120 x P1) is available for purchase

– Other types of color filters can also be customized upon request.

Compact design with a Working Distance of 147mm and an Object to Image distance of 375mm

– A balance between resolving power and depth of field can readily be obtained with an adjustable aperture.

– Adjustable lens flange back to cope with minute discrepancy among camera mount flange back distances*.