How Good is 20 MP Vision Resolution?

14 December, 2018.

Constant increases in the resolution of modern displays require ever-higher resolutions in the inspecting camera. Basler responds to the market needs by releasing four…

…new ace U models with Sony’s IMX183 sensor. The cameras offer 20 megapixels resolution up to 17 frame per second. Upon the news of new camera release, many of our clients were very excited to explore this camera model but they asked us the same questions:

“How good is this 20 MP camera resolution?

Do I really need it?

Does it make any differences to my 5 MP vision setup?”

We decided to do a simple application test to find out the answer.

QR Code Reading Application:

We choose QR Code reading application as our gauge to test how good is the new 20 MP resolution camera. Before we start, a few 4×4 mm QR Codes were printed on A4 sized paper and placed under the camera on 700 mm working distance. Field of view was set at 600 mm x 400 mm to represent large PCB size. Image were captured under normal ambient light.

How Good is 20 MP Vision Resolution?


You probably heard this more often than ever: More megapixels DOES NOT mean better quality photo. Other factor counts, take example larger pixel size, higher quantum efficiency, better resolving power lens etc instead of pure megapixel count.

But when it comes to QR code reading application, higher resolution camera is the clear winner! Compared to a 5 MP camera, the 20 MP vision setup shows clearer QR code and therefore resulted in success decode.

THE PERFECT MATCH: 20 MP Camera and Lens Selection Chart:

Basler 20MP Camera
Camera ModelFrame RateSensorMono/ColorInterface
Computar MPY Series
Lens ModelFocal Length (MM)Sensor SizeObject Dimension at M.O.D.
V0828-MPY81.1″38cm x 27cm
V1228-MPY121.1″35cm x 26cm
V1628-MPY161.1″26cm x 19cm
V2528-MPY251.1″16cm x 12cm
V3528-MPY351.1″11cm x 8cm
V5028-MPY501.1″12cm x 8.5cm