ICORAS 2017 is supposed to be the largest technical event on Robotics Automation Sciences in Melaka in year 2017. It is organized by Multimedia University, Malaysia. The focus of the conference is to establish an effective platform for institutions and industries to share ideas and to present the works of scientists, engineers, educators and students from all over the world. The organizing committee of conference is pleased to invite prospective authors to submit their original manuscripts to ICORAS 2017.


Highlight #1: 3D Vision System by Photoneo 3D Scanner

Photoneo creates “eyes for robots”: high quality, easy to use 3D area sensors and also create a “visual cortex” for robots by teaching them pick objects and navigate in space. This fast 3D scanners with industry best sensors make machines see the real world in 3 Mpx resolution, ideal for object manipulation or quality inspection.

Key Features:

  • Detect 1 object in 200ms
  • Allows multiple gripping points
  • Avoid obstacles, walls
  • Locates the object with a high precision of 0.5mm

Highlight #2: 3D Vision System by Basler Time of Flight

Basler pulsed Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera with standard machine vision interface and high resolution makes 3D shape and volume measurement applications quick and easy. The combination of 2D and depth image in one shot from one camera makes 3D imaging easy without sacrificing the 2D image potential. This also makes the camera setup and integration process elementary for system manufacturers whule reducing total system costs.

Typical Applications:

  • Logistics Automation
  • Factory Automation and Robotics
  • Medical
  • Autonomous Vehicle

Highlight #3: Applications and Future Trends in Machine Vision

We were pleased to be one of the presenters at ICORAS 2017 to share about our knowledge on machine vision applications that conquered our everyday lives, as well as the most important trends in near future.

Machine vision system perform quality test, guide machines, control processes, identify components, read codes and deliver valuable data for optimizing production. Machine vision industry has been reporting high growth numbers and record sales figures for years, the reason – machine vision system provides the “eyes” for machines and robots to “see” and to make decision. This key technology is not just found in traditional industrial sectors, but also is conquering new fields of application.