Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2019

30 October, 2019. The month of exhibitions for SODA VISION at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2019, Singapore Expo.


Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner available on different models (XS – XL) which able to meet different project requirements.


Together with abbrobotics, we showcased a 3D bin picking setup featuring Photoneo Anypick with its Phoxi 3D Scanner demonstrated with the ABB IRB1200-7 robot.

Through the configuration, the robot was able to do bin picking of any object regardless of positioning, orientation or size of it within the bin. The power comes from the Phoxi 3D Scanner and Photoneo Anypick.

The Phoxi 3D Scanner is able to execute fast processing utilizing the NVIDIA Maxwell 1 TFLOPS with 256 NVIDIA CUDA Cores as GPU with a resolution of up to 3.2 million 3D points, alongside with a large depth of scanning range of 458mm to 1118mm with the optimal scanning distance at 650mm.

With a large depth of scan, it makes it easy to scan the entire volume of gitterbox or capture an extensive amount of data for any application. The devices are carefully calibrated for the entire scanning range producing high accuracy, boasting a carbon body ensuring a minimal thermal expansion. Advanced methods used for suppression of ambient light provide a superior quality even in challenging light conditions. The best feature is an easy integration requiring only 3 minutes to set up using Ethernet for easy connection, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Photoneo AnyPick is an AI-driven solution for picking of randomly placed, mixed objects that vary in shape or size, from 1×1 cm. Compatible with any robot from all major brands, the configuration for Photoneo Anypick will not require any CAD model of the picking objects, eliminating the need for mechanical drawings of it. Path planning and collision avoidance are automatically executed by the integration utilizing Artificial Intelligence for object recognition and object locating which means users do not have to spend extra time for application setup.


Thank you for those who came over to join us!

An event you may experience the future one step ahead!


If you unable to meet us in ITAP 2019, you may book an appointment to find ready-to-test machine vision hardware in our VISIONLAB