Manufacturing Technology Asia 2017


Live Demonstration at MTA 2017

Highlight #1: Latest Innovation in 3D Imaging

Meet the latest innovation from Basler!

Basler’s Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera able provides you with a 2D and a 3D point cloud at the same time. It allows an efficient way to extract key data such as length, width, height, rotation and location in single image capture. By utilizing the depth information from a time-of-flight (TOF) camera, we can identify and classify objects for a wide variety of applications including logistics, factory automation, and biometrics.

osela laser singapore

Highlight #2: Random Pattern Projector To Reconstruct 3D Image

Industrial grade random dot matrix laser projector, housed in a self-contained module and designed for  3D machine vision, movement detection, volume measurement, bin picking, depth sensing, and palletizing applications.

Power: Eye Safe or 3B
Wavelength: 450, 520, 660, 830
Patterns: Random matrix of dots
Features: Up to 58,000 random dots, standard version or eye safe

The focusing of the laser is also a very important parameter as it is directly proportional to the resolution one can attain for machine vision applications. Osela laser are externally focusable laser projects anywhere from 980 to 57,446 random dots as well as operating wavelengths of 660nm or 830nm, depending on the model.