Metaltech & Automex 2018

1 June, 2018. In this application, we demonstrate continuous web inspection system using multiple line scan cameras with:


Highlight #1: Continuous WEB Inspection System using Multiple Line Scan Cameras

  • Accurate Defects Detection
  • Advanced Defects Classicfication
  • Up to 8 Cameras Comination
  • Defects Report
  • Best Price/Performance Ratio

Highlight #2: 3D Bin Picking – The Complete Solution

In this application, we demonstrate how it allows the user to scan object or input a CAD model, select grip points and alternative grip points.

  • Bin Picking Complex Solution
    Photoneo with it’s partners is able to deliver whole robotic cell for Bin Picking Solution (Robot + 3D scanner + Bin Picking SDK software).
  • Bin Picking Vision System
    Our Vision system is powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson™ embedded platform.
  • Bin Picking SDK package
    Photoneo develops custom Bin Picking SDK software solution able to work with different vision hardware.
  • Multiple robot manufacturer integrations
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