Mikrotron – CoaXPress Series

23 October, 2019.

CoaXPress® series: High-Speed Cameras For Industrial Image Processing.

The Eo Sens ®  CXP high speed cameras combine speed and resolution with fast data transfer.

We have now extended this series with two high-resolution, light-sensitive camera models:

The Eo Sens ® 12CXP + and 25CXP + use the PYTHON sensor from OnSemi, a new generation of image sensors with 5.8 V / lux * s @ 550 nm photosensitivity. Even under difficult lighting conditions, the cameras deliver high-contrast, motion-packed and meaningful images.

The Eo Sens ® 25CXP + captures over 80 frames per second with 25 megapixel resolution. The Eo Sens ® 12CXP + delivers over 165 frames per second at 12 megapixel resolution. This high resolution, combined with advanced image enhancement capabilities, allows you to capture even the smallest details of components on a printed circuit board at high speed and with amazing image quality.

The CXP-6 CoaXPress ® interface transfers the data volumes to the central computer in real-time with 25 GBit / s. Standard coaxial cables are used for this purpose. Bandwidth allows you to capture high-resolution processes, selectively control recordings, and instantly evaluate and manipulate the data.

The Eo Sens ®  1.1CXP convinces with a very high frame rate. The resolution is a bit lower, but the sensor is very high-performance.

The Eo Sens ®  1.1CXP2 is the first CoaXPress standard version 2.0 of the Eo Sens ®  generation. This CoaXPress Standard Version 2.0 offers several new features and is also backwards compatible with CoaXPress. The CoaXPress 2.0 link, with four CXP-12 links, can support a data transfer rate of up to 50 Gbps.
Equipped with a high-speed CMOS sensor, the Eo Sens ® 1.1CXP2 offers an outstanding speed of 3,600 fps.

The Eo Sens ®  2.0CXP2 also has the CoaXPress Standard Version 2.0.


Highlights At a glance

– High resolution at high speed

– 4-channel CXP-6 CoaXPress ® output

– 25 Gb / s data transmission for real-time streaming

– Only up to 80 x 80 x 66 mm small

– Shock and vibration resistant

– Fanless design

– Test report according to EMVA1288 standard

Eo Sens ® 3CXP / 4CXP


Eo Sens ® / 12CXP + / + 25CXP


Eo Sens ® 1.1CXP2


Technical Specifications


Frame Rates