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Multispectral technology to our backlight series. Now choose up 6 wavelengths of independent controlled wavelengths in a single backlight!

Using up to 50 SMD’s LED per inch, we can pack more LEDs per square inch to provide greater intensity, uniformity and variety of wavelength for your application, while keeping the same low profile mechanical design.

The Metabright Series is a high performance and uniform light source for silhouetting and trans-missive application. Using a Full Array LED layout, we can pack more LEDs per square inch to provide greater intensity, uniformity and performance.



  • Up to 50 SMD LED’s per incharray makes our backlights the brightest most stable backlights
  • Exclusive optical lens provides high uniformity (+/- 5%), shadow-free backlight illlumination
  • Patent-pending thermal management design draws hear directly from the die ensuring long life
  •  Metaphase Technologies has the largest selection of Backlights in the vision industry
  • Backlight shapes/sizes include low profile, narrow and large area backlights
  • Options include built-in line remote & potentiometer intensity control
  • Can be operated in either DC mode or in strobe operating using your preferred controller/driver


  • Absence/presence of objects
  • Defect detection in glass/plastic containers
  • Object tracking (Fish in aquarium)
  • PCB (printed circuit board) board assembly through-hole lead detection
  • Web inspection (pin-holes in web)
  • Bottle cap detection
  • Bolt/Bolt thread inspection
  • Glass Sheet defect detection
  • Sub-pixel dimensional inspection
  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Robotic Inspection
  • Optical & sensor calibration
Cable 10 foot / (3.05m) cable with flying leads
Uniformity +/- 5%
Housing Aluminium
Operating Conditions -30 °C to 60 °C
Lifetime Expectancy 75,000 hours
Illuminance 30,000 – 60,000 Lux
CE Conformity Yes
Intensity Control Optional