Myutron – 3 Mega Pixel Fixed Focal Lens

5 December, 2019. Every new month, we share you with new ideas and product sharings. Here you go!


3 Mega Pixel Fixed Focal Lens

Machine Vision Lens

New line up, f4 mm and f6 mm for 1/1.8”


charm Suitable for 3 Mega Pixel (1/1.8″,2/3″)

charm Compact and excellent brightness, suitable for various applications for machine vision surveillance

charm Stable performance from macro to infinity (∞)

charm High durability



ModelFocal LengthF NO.M.O.D.Filter pitchMountMaximum Compatible sensor
HS0420Hf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS0618Hf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS0814Jf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS1214Jf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS1614Jf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS2514Jf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS3514Jf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8
HS5018Jf 4mm1:2.00.1mOptionC1/1.8

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