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28 June, 2019. We are glad to announce that Myutron has officially released the new product for Machine Vision Lens and Security Lens.

Machine Vision Lens

SWIR Fixed Focal Lens for 1″

Available for SWIR image sensor 1″


charmAvailable for SWIR image sensor 1″

charm Special design to transmit SWIR 700 ~ 2000 nm

charm Possible to capture differences and defects that cannot be seen in visible ray


Model No. Focal Length FNO Maximum Compatible Sensor
HS0619V-SW 6mm 1.9 1″
HS0818V-SW 8mm 1.8 1″
HS1214V-SW 12.5mm 1.4 1″
HS1614V-SW 16mm 1.4 1″
HS2514V-SW 25mm 1.4 1″

Security Lens

Motorized Zoom Lens for 3 CCD

Correct focus shift, caused by different wave length


charm Correct focus shift, caused by different wave length

charm Mega pixel image and excellent color recognition

charm 2 types are available, for “SD” and “HD”

charm Suitable for medical applications, video conference, high-end surveillance, and color recognition in machine vision

charm Iris servo is suitable for observation

charm All servo (zoom, focus, and iris) is also available