18 July, 2018.


Thank you for visiting us at NEPCON Thailand 2018.

In this application, we demonstrate continuous web inspection system using multiple line scan cameras with:

  • Accurate Defects Detection
  • Advanced Defects Classicfication
  • Up to 8 Cameras Comination
  • Defects Report
  • Best Price/Performance Ratio

Highlight #2: Robot 3D Bin Picking – The Complete Solution

In this application, we demonstrate how it allows the user to scan object or input a CAD model, select grip points and alternative grip points.

  • Bin Picking Complex Solution
    Photoneo with it’s partners is able to deliver whole robotic cell for Bin Picking Solution (Robot + 3D scanner + Bin Picking SDK software).
  • Bin Picking Vision System
    Our Vision system is powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson™ embedded platform.
  • Bin Picking SDK package
    Photoneo develops custom Bin Picking SDK software solution able to work with different vision hardware.
  • Multiple robot manufacturer integrations

Highlight #3: Computar Machine Vision Lens

In this application, we displayed line of lenses with multiple format, resolution and iris option to right fit for your application. Featuring an unrivaled compact form factor, ultra-low distortion optics and a robust design meant to last decades, Computar lenses are quality you can count on.

Product Series of Computar:

  • MPY Series
  • MP/MP2 Series
  • MPW/MPW2 Series
  • Macro Zoom/Telecentric Lens
  • SWIR/ITS Lens