Nerian – New SceneScan firmware 5.0.0 released

11 May, 2020.

New SceneScan firmware 5.0.0 released

The new firmware brings major improvements in the handling of ROIs and the generation of trigger pulses.

Today Nerian released firmware version 5.0.0 for its SceneScan stereo vision system. This software release brings some major changes under the hood that have been strongly requested by our customers. Starting with this release, the camera calibration is no longer bound to particular image size. Rather, the image size can be varied freely after calibration, by selecting an arbitrary Region of Interest (ROI). A new graphical interface for ROI selection has been added to SceneScan’s web interface to assist with ROI selection.

The new capabilities for handling ROIs also assist camera calibration. By automatically choosing adequate ROIs, the camera calibration can correct alignment errors between the image sensor and lens. This significantly increases the alignment and distortion correction budget of the camera calibration and rectification, making it possible to calibrate camera systems that did not meet the requirements for previous firmware versions.

Another cornerstone of this release is SceneScan’s trigger outputs. The functionality to generate trigger signals have been substantially improved. It is now possible to invert trigger signals. Also, the pulse width can be configured to cycle through a list of freely configured durations. This feature is particularly useful for HDR imaging. Some cameras, such as Karmin3, have the ability to control the exposure time through the pulse width. By modulating the pulse width, it is hence possible to vary the exposure time in sync between both camera modules.

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