New Feature for Basler ace U and ace L: Vignetting Correction

25 January, 2019. We extend the range of camera settings of ace camera series with new, powerful features – Vignetting Correction…

…which allows a correction of edge shadowing when the image circle is too small in relation to the sensor size.

How do these features work, what benefits and advantages do they offer and in which camera models are they available?

Vignetting Correction (patent pending)

Vignetting is a well-known phenomenon in image processing and describes the decrease in image brightness towards the edge. This often results in this effect:

If the image circle of the lens used is too small in relation to the camera sensor, this effect can manifest strongly and affect the image quality accordingly. Details at the edge of the sensor can often only be inspected poorly, or not at all or the inspection is made more difficult by the different brightness values across the image. In many cases, the choice of a larger lens – for example from 2/3″ to 1″ – can help. However, this solution is usually associated with higher costs.

If one compares the standard available optics with the current variety of sensor sizes, the imbalance becomes clear.

This imbalance affects, for example, the following sensor-lens combination:

The new Vignetting Correction feature provides effective support here:

Left without Vignetting Correction Feature, Right with Vignetting Correction Feature

Thanks to Vignetting Correction, there is no negative effect on the frame rate or image quality after a one-time calibration of the camera, since the correction values are stores in the camera and automatically taken into account in the image output. For example, users can combine ace cameras with Sony IMX304 or IMX253 sensors with their 1.1″ format with 1″ lenses without having to accept any edge shadowing. It is no longer necessary to switch to a lens with a larger image circle.

The Vignetting Correction feature is available for selected ace U and ace L models with GigE and USB 3.0 interfaces.

Attractively priced combinations of Basler cameras and lenses with Vignetting Correction:

CameraInterfaceSensorSensor SizeLens Fit
acA4112-20umUSB 3.0IMX3041.1″1″
acA4112-20ucUSB 3.0IMX 3041.1″1″
acA4112-30umUSB 3.0IMX2531.1″1″
acA4112-30ucUSB 3.0IMX2531.1″1″