Now available: Pattern Projector for Bin Picking Applications and Challenging Surfaces

With the pattern projector, EFFI-LASE-V2 Nerian Vision expands its portfolio of stereo vision accessories and enables best 3D depth perception even in demanding machine vision applications.


Bin picking applications are currently the most requested applications in the field of automation technology. This is not a surprising fact, because a solidly programmed solution saves time and money and will amortize its implementation in a very short time.

A bin picking solution is only considered attractive as long as it is affordable, easy to use, precise, and fast. Additionally, there are some main challenges such as occlusion, bad lighting conditions, reflections, or smooth and textureless surfaces, which have to be taken into consideration while planning a bin-picking application.

You can now improve the performance of your applications by combining our passive stereo vision image processing system with a pattern projector!

The pattern projector is delivered in an additional package and is not mounted on our 3D stereo vision system itself or on the stereo camera. This allows you to decide how and where the projector should be mounted. For example, in such a way that it does not blind the 3D stereo camera during operation when reflective surfaces need to be measured.

The projector can be used at different angles as long as it illuminates the desired field of view well. In addition, thanks to several stereo camera models and baseline distances, different measuring distances are conceivable – because our systems adapt to your application, not the other way around.

Another advantage is that different wavelengths of light can be emitted to get the best results from your application.

The following pictures were deliberately taken by us under conditions that are normally suboptimal for stereo vision (poor lighting, poor texture) in order to emphasize the performance improvement of the projector:


You can find the datasheet for the pattern projector here.

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