Optotune – Machine Vision Applications

Robotic vision sensor camera system in intellegence factory

Throughout the machine vision industry, it has always been a challenge to keep products in focus under the camera or to quickly scan various objects at different distances. This can result in the need for additional mechanics or use of multiple cameras at different working distances, additional light sources, and a drastic increase in costs and power consumption.

Optotune’s focus tunable liquid lenses provide a versatile, compact, and cost-effective solution to these challenges. Thanks to the absence of translational mechanics, Optotune lenses have the possibility to focus within a few milliseconds, ensuring robustness and reliability with a lifetime of billions of cycles.


  • Quality control (e.g. liquids, electronics, bottles, LCDs, PCBs, ICs, CCMs)

  • Packet sorting, box filling, palletizing

  • Bar code reading

  • Robot vision

  • 3D image stacking


  • Fast focus within milliseconds

  • Large working distance range

  • Quicker system installation

  • Remote focus control

  • Long life time (>1B cycles)