Optotune’s Application: Projection

Optotune’s LSR and XPR technologies are used in a range of consumer and professional projectors.

Main advantages include:

  • High-resolution, speckle-free projections

  • Ultra-compact solution with no mechanics

  • Extended pixel resolution

Projector for presentation
Optotune’s XPR’s are used in consumer and professional projectors

Laser speckle reduction

Lasers are very attractive for projection systems as they offer high contrast, a broad color spectrum and the advantage that images are always in focus. However, lasers do have the inherent problem of speckle: On optically rough surfaces, local interferences occur that manifest themselves as a grainy pattern of spots. This effect causes noise in projected images and reduces the resolution of measurement systems.

Optotune offers a unique solution to this problem. Electroactive polymers (so-called artificial muscles) are used to oscillate a diffuser at a high frequency to average out the speckle patterns. This principle is extremely compact, completely free of mechanics and low in power consumption. Optotune’s Laser speckle reducer can be customized in terms of size, frequency, coatings and diffuser structure to fit a variety of applications:

  • Pico projectors

  • Business projectors

  • Cinema projectors

  • Metrology

Extended pixel resolution

Optotune’s XPRs are Extended Pixel Resolution 2- and 4-position Actuators. With a clear aperture ranging from 9mm to 33mm, the standard products are designed for use with Texas InstrumentECD and Pico chipsets, to increase the resolution to be double or fourfold of the native.

 Main features of 4-position Actuators

  • High angular position accuracy of typically +/- 5 to 8%

  • Fast transition times of typically 1.2 to 1.35ms

  • Low acoustic noise of typically 20 to 22 dBA at 30cm.

  • Fully pre-calibrated at 50 & 60Hz for temperatures up to 75°C