PEKAT VISION: Defects On Transparent Materials


Nowadays, the visual inspection of transparent materials is still a challenge in machine vision projects. PEKAT VISION latest case study is focusing on this specific issue. In cooperation with ATEsystem s.r.o., PEKAT VISION have performed a feasibility study for glass inspection and we are glad to share these results with you.

The main issue when performing glass inspection is the fact that defects are very hard to be detected even for the human eye. In order to make the defects more visible, we used a pattern light lines – type CCS LFX3-PT Series. Using this approach, we are able to see various types of defects on glass materials.

Pekat Vision: Defects on Transparent Materials

PEKAT VISION software is able to detect the following type of defects: material inhomogeneity, cracks, battered glass, general glass defects, or foreign objects encapsulated in the glass

Defects on Transparent Materials

They used a Basler monochrome camera for image acquisition. PEKAT VISION software contains drivers for Basler cameras, therefore the USB camera can be connected directly to the application.

Lastly, they have uploaded images to PEKAT VISION and started training using our Surface Detection AI module, which successfully recognized all expected defects. The processing time for each image was on average 40 ms (resolution 1024 x 784, GPU 1080Ti).