Pick Your Vision: A Basler Lens for Every Basler Camera

20 February, 2020. We offer the right lens for every Basler camera. The Basler Lens series comprises the two product lines: Standard and Premium.

Combined with a camera and lighting, lenses are instrumental in determining the image quality. Of interest when choosing the right lens is the balance between the price and the required imaging performance, i.e. high resolution with optimal image quality. Basler offers the right lens for two scenarios.

Both product lines support popular image circles of sensors available in Basler cameras, from 1/2.5” to 1.1”, as well as all common focal lengths. The lenses are equipped with a C-mount and can also be conveniently used with CS-mount cameras with the help of an adapter.

Our Basler Lenses at a glance
Basler Standard Lenses

The lenses in the Standard product line are suitable for standard vision applications with an excellent price/performance ratio. These lenses have a needs-oriented design and correspond to the lower requirements of many cost-sensitive applications. Thanks to the solid basic performance, they are ideal for fast cameras with a lower resolution.

Basler Premium Lenses

The lenses in the Premium product line are designed and tested for more demanding applications. Thanks to a very high resolution, low distortion and low vignetting, they offer the best image quality. This makes them optimal for cameras with very high resolutions for the analysis of the smallest structures. The cost aspect was also taken into account for lenses in this product line.