BASLER ace acA5472-5gm

basler 5The Basler acA5472-5gm Gige camera with the Sony IMX183 CMOS sensor delivers 5 frames per second at 20.0 MP Resolution.

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Sensor VendorSony
ShutterRolling Shutter
Max. Image Circle 1″
Sensor TypeCMOS
Sensor Size 13.1mm x 8.8mm
Resolution (H x V)5472 px x 3648px
Resolution20 MP
Pixel Size (H x V)2.4 µm x 2.4 µm
Frame Rate5 fps
EMVA Quantum Efficiency (typical)75.0%
Dark Noise (typical)3.0 e¯
Saturation Capacity (typical)14.1 ke¯
Dynamic Range (typical)71.4 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (typical)41.5 dB
Pixel Bit Depth10/12 bits
  • free-run
  • hardware trigger
  • software trigger
Exposure Control 
  • Programmable via the camera API
  • hardware trigger
Digital Input1
Digital Output1
General Purpose I/O1
Power RequirementsPoE or 12-24 VDC
Power Consumption (typical)2.6W
Power Consumption PoE3W
Housing TypeBox
Housing Size (L x W x H)42mm x 29mm x 29mm
Lens MountC-mount
Housing Temperature0 – 50°C
Weight (typical)90g
  • RoHS
  • GigE Vision
  • FCC Class B
  • CE
  • IP30
  • GenICam
  • UL (in preparation)
  • CRC Checksum
  • Exposure Time
  • Frame Counter
  • Gain Raw
  • Line Status All
  • Sequence Set Index
  • Timestamp
  • Trigger Input Counter
Event Reporting
  • Acquisition Start
  • Acquisition Start Overtrigger
  • Acquisition Start Wait
  • Exposure End
  • Frame Start
  • Frame Start Overtrigger
GigE Vision 2.0
  • Action Commands (Synchronous Triggering)
  • Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588)
  • Scheduled Action Commands
I/O Control and Line Source Signals
  • Acquisition Trigger Wait/Frame Burst Trigger Wait
  • Exposure Active
  • Flash Window
  • Frame Trigger Wait
  • Time Active
  • User Output
Image Acquisition Control
  • Acquisition Start Trigger
  • Acquisition Status
  • Frame Start Trigger
  • Trigger Delay
  • Triggered by Hardware
  • Triggered by Software
  • Device Information Parameters
  • Device Temperature
  • Remove Parameter Limits
  • User Defined Values
  • User Sets (Configuration Sets)
  • Denoising
  • Improved Sharpness
Pixel Formats
  • Mono 12
  • Mono 12p (Mono 12 Packed)
  • MOno 8
Standard Features
  • Auto Function Profile
  • Binning Horizontal
  • Binning Vertical
  • Black Level
  • Digital Shift
  • Exposure Auto
  • Exposure Mode: Trigger Width (Control via External Trigger)
  • Gain
  • Gain Auto
  • Gamma Correction
  • Lookup Table (LUT)
  • Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Reverse X (Horizontal Mirroring)
  • Reverse Y (Vertical Mirroring)
  • Sequencer
  • Test Images