Acuros SWIR Camera

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SWIR Vision Systems™ introduces the Acuros™ family of high definition cameras featuring CQD™ Colloidal Quantum Dot technology. Acuros cameras deliver broadband, visible-to-SWIR, high-resolution images, at far superior cost points compared to InGaAs SWIR cameras. The cameras are classified as EAR99 products (no license required for global export) and are intended for use in applications including industrial machine vision, silicon inspection, surveillance, hyperspectral imaging, and more.

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SWIR Vision Systems cameras are built with increasing resolution to provide the needed performance for specific applications.

  • Acuros™ VGA SWIR Camera (640 x 512)
  • Acuros™ 1MP SWIR Camera (1280 x 1024)
  • Acuros™ HD SWIR Camera (1920 x 1080)

Ideal in daylight or artificially lit environments, Acuros cameras provide the superior image resolution needed in challenging image sensing environments. with inherently lower cost per megapixel than InGaAs detectors, Acuros SWIR cameras provide excellent value for system integrator.

SWIR Vision Systems™
Acuros Camera Performance
Sensor TechnologyCQD™ Quantum DotCQD™ Quantum DotCQD™ Quantum Dot
Format640 x 5121280 x 10241920 x 1080
Sensor Size12.33mm24.6mm33mm
Spectral Band400 – 1700nm400 – 1700nm400 – 1700nm
Pixel Pitch15 µm15 µm15 µm
Integration Time10 µsec – 30 msec10 µsec – 30 msec10 µsec – 30 msec
Max Frame Rate10 bit: 380 fps
14 bit: 190 fps
95 fps
45 fps
60 fps
30 fps
Quantum Efficiency15% average15% average15% average
Total Noise280 electrons rms,
30 ms integration
280 electrons rms,
30 ms integration
280 electrons rms,
30 ms integration
Noise Equivalent Irradiance6 x 109 photons/cm2 / s (33 fps at 1550 nm)
Operability (typical)>99%>99%>99%
Dynamic Range>2100:1>2100:1>2100:1
TEC CoolerYesYesYes
Non-Uniformity Correction2-point, firmware2-point, firmware2-point, firmware
Binning Arrays2×2, 4×42×2, 4×42×2, 4×4
Windowing/Region of Interest (ROI)Max frame rate scales with ROI. Array centered.
Exposure ControlGlobal ShutterGlobal ShutterGlobal Shutter
External TriggerHirose 12-pinHirose 12-pinHirose 12-pin
Data InterfaceUSB3 Vision or
GigE Vision
USB3 Vision or
GigE Vision
USB3 Vision or
GigE Vision
Lens MountC-mountC-mount, F-mountF-mount
Supply Voltage6 – 12 V6 – 12 V6 – 12 V
Power (Typical)5:75W at 25C5:75W at 25C5:75W at 25C
Physical Dimensions(H) 6.1cm
(W) 6.1cm
(L) 9.9cm
(H) 6.1cm
(W) 6.1cm
(L) 9.9cm or 13.0cm
(H) 6.1cm
(W) 6.1cm
(L) 13.0cm
Software Development KitPleora SDKPleora SDKPleora SDK

(Left) Plot of the FPA spectral QE. QE shown is the mean response for the array under monochromatic illumination. The FPA exhibited an average QE of 15% across the spectral  ange shown. (Right) Total per pixel RMS noise electrons as a function of integration time.

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