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Basler 2200000371


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Trigger Board for Opto-Coupled Signals
You can use this trigger extension board with the microEnable frame grabbers. It enables 16 opto-coupled (galvanically isolated) trigger signals that can be adjusted to the industrial signal level (usually 5 to 24 volts). The 8 inputs and 8 outputs can be configured with a special applet in VisualApplets.

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Opto-coupled Trigger 5 – Trigger board

SeriesBasler accessories
Accessory TypeTrigger board
Connectors2 x SUB-D15 (female) socket
Inputs/Outputs8 in / 8 out mapped on two ports
Signal Transfer Protectionopto-decoupled, galvanic isolation
Connectivity to frame grabber34-pin flat cable


Basler 2200000371 Datasheet

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