Basler 2200000746

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Basler Standard Light as horizontal Ring Light, lateral light emission at very flat angles. This Darkfield Light is ideal for inspecting object surfaces or edges.

Basler Standard Lights are suitable for industry application, enabling a worry-free and fast integration while providing a long-term repeatable image quality for your vision system. Every Basler Standard Light works optimally in combination with a Basler Lighting Controller (e.g. Basler SLP Controller) or in operation without an external controller in continuous as well as triggered light.

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ProductBasler Standard Light Darkfield-75OD-W
TypeBasler Light
Product TypeDarkfield Light
Product LineStandard
Input voltage24 VDC (+/-5%)
Power consumption6 W / 300 mA (voltage- / current controlled)
LED ColorWhite
Peak Wavelength (typical)5000K
Light EmissionHorizontal slight diffuse
Light-Emitting surfaceØ 75mm
Dimensions130 mm x 141 mm x 12 mm
Recommended light working distance250 mm
Maximum object size150 mm x 150 mm


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