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Basler Standard Light as a High Power Version of the versatile Wide Bar Light for extra strong illumination of larger objects.

Basler Standard Lights are suitable for industry application, enabling a worry-free and fast integration while providing a long-term repeatable image quality for your vision system. Every Basler Standard Light works optimally in combination with a Basler Lighting Controller (e.g. Basler SLP Controller) or in operation without an external controller in continuous as well as triggered light.

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ProductBasler Standard Light Bar-45x300_Power-W
TypeBasler Light
Product TypeWide Bar Light
Product LineStandard
Input voltage24 VDC (+/-5%)
Power consumption24 W / 1800 mA (voltage- / current controlled)
LED ColorInfrared (IR)
Peak Wavelength (typical)850 nm
Light EmissionDirect
Light-Emitting surface45 mm x 300 mm
Dimensions54 mm x 310 mm x 23 mm
Recommended working distance200 mm – 6500 mm
Maximum object size2000 mm x 2000 mm


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