Basler ace series Area Camera

Choose from the most popular and standard proven data interfaces in the vision market: With the ace Gigabit Ethernet models, you benefit from our GigE market leadership, easy multi-camera setups and 100-meter cable length. Camera Link is the interface for high image data transfer. And with USB 3.0 there is an interface technology which is easy to use and real-time capable.


Highlights at a glance:

  • VGA to 14 MP
  • Up to 751 fps
  • Broad sensor portfolio: CMOS and CCD including NIR-enhanced versions
  • 29 mm x 29 mm footprint and same bottom mounting options for easy FireWire, USB 2.0, or analog camera replacement
  • One-cable solutions: Gigabit Ethernet with PoE, Camera Link with PoCL, USB 3.0
  • I/O flexibility with minimum delay and jitter time for applications requiring exact timing
  • Long list of special firmware features
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Highest stability and flexibility thanks to USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and Camera Link standards

USB3.0 Cameras 

Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/Color
acA640-90uc658 x 492ICX42490 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA640-120uc658 x 492ICX618120 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA640-90um659 x 494ICX42490 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA640-120um659 x 494ICX618120 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-30uc1294 x 964ICX44530 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1300-30um1296 x 966ICX44530 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1600-20uc1626 x 1234ICX27420 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1600-20um1626 x 1236ICX27420 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-25uc1920 x 1080MT9P03125 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-25um1920 x 1080MT9P03125 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2000-165uc2040 x 1086CMV2000165 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2000-165um2048 x 1088CMV2000165 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2000-165umNIR2048 x 1088CMV2000 NIR-enhanced165 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-90uc2040 x 2046CMV400090 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2040-90um2048 x 2048CMV400090 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-90umNIR2048 x 2048CMV4000 NIR-enhanced90 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2500-14uc2590 x 1942MT9P03114 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2500-14um2592 x 1944MT9P03114 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA3800-14uc3840 x 2748MT9J00314 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA3800-14um3840 x 2748MT9J00314 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4600-10uc4608 x 3288MT9F00210 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA5472-17um5472 x 3648IMX18317 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA5472-17uc5472 x 3648IMX18317 fpsColorREAD MORE
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/Color
acA640-750uc640 x 480PYTHON 300751 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA640-750um640 x 480PYTHON 300751 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA720-520uc720 x 540IMX 287525 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA720-520um720 x 540IMX 287525 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA800-510uc800 x 600PYTHON 500511 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA800-510um800 x 600PYTHON 500511 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-200uc1280 x 1024PYTHON 1300203 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1300-200um1280 x 1024PYTHON 1300203 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1440-220uc1440 x 1080IMX273227 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1440-220um1440 x 1080IMX273227 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-40uc1920 x 1200IMX24941 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-40um1920 x 1200IMX24941 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-150uc1920 x 1200PYTHON 2000150 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-150um1920 x 1200PYTHON 2000150 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-155uc1920 x 1200IMX174164 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-155um1920 x 1200IMX174164 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-55uc2048 x 1536IMX26555 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2040-55um2048 x 1536IMX26555 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-120uc2048 x 1536IMX252120 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2040-120um2048 x 1536IMX252120 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2440-35uc2448 x 2048IMX26435 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2440-35um2448 x 2048IMX26435 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2440-75uc2448 x 2048IMX25075 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2440-75um2448 x 2048IMX25075 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2500-60uc2590 x 2048PYTHON 500060 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2500-60um2590 x 2048PYTHON 500060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA3088-57uc3088 x 2064IMX17859 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA3088-57um3088 x 2064IMX17859 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4024-29uc4024 x 3036IMX22631 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4024-29um4024 x 3036IMX22631 fpsMonoREAD MORE
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/Color
acA4096-30uc4096 x 2160IMX26730 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4096-30um4096 x 2160IMX26730 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4096-40uc4096 x 2160IMX25540 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4096-40um4096 x 2160IMX25540 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4112-20uc4096 x 3000IMX30420 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4112-20um4096 x 3000IMX30420 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4112-30uc4096 x 3000IMX25330 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4112-30um4096 x 3000IMX25330 fpsMonoREAD MORE

GigE Cameras

Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/Color
acA640-90gc658 x 492ICX42490 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA640-90gm659 x 494ICX42490 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA640-120gc658 x 492ICX618120 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA640-120gm659 x 494ICX618120 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA780-75gc780 x 580ICX41575 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA780-75gm782 x 582ICX41575 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1280-60gc1280 x 1024EV76C56060 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1280-60gm1282 x 1026EV76C56060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-22gc1294 x 964ICX44522 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1300-22gm1296 x 966ICX44522 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-30gc1294 x 964ICX44530 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1300-30gm1296 x 966ICX44530 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-60gc1280 x 1024EV76C56060 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1300-60gm1282 x 1026EV76C56060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-60gmNIR1280 x 1024EV76C66160 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1600-20gc1624 x 1234ICX27420 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1600-20gm1626 x 1236ICX27420 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1600-60gc1600 x 1200EV76C57060 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1600-60gm1602 x 1202EV76C57060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-25gc1920 x 1080MT9P03125 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-25gm1920 x 1080MT9P03125 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2000-50gc2046 x 1086CMV200050 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2000-50gm2046 x 1086CMV200050 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2000-50gmNIR2046 x 1086CMV2000 NIR-enhanced50 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-25gc2046 x 2046CMV400025 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2040-25gm2048 x 2048CMV400025 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-25gmNIR2048 x 2048CMV4000 NIR-enhanced25 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2500-14gc2590 x 1942MT9P03114 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2500-14gm2592 x 1944MT9P03114 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA3800-10gc3856 x 2764MT9J00310 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA3800-10gm3856 x 2764MT9J00310 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4600-7gc4608 x 3288MT9F0027 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA5472-5gm5472 x 3648IMX1835 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA5472-5gc5472 x 3648IMX1835 fpsColorREAD MORE
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/Color
acA640-300gc640 x 480PYTHON 300376 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA640-300gm640 x 480PYTHON 300376 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA640-121gm659 x 494ICX618 Replacement130 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA720-290gm720 x 540IMX287291 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA720-290gc720 x 540IMX287291 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA800-200gc800 x 600PYTHON 500240 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA800-200gm800 x 600PYTHON 500240 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1300-75gc1280 x 1024PYTHON 130088 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1300-75gm1280 x 1024PYTHON 130088 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1440-73gm1440 x 1080IMX27373 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1440-73gc1440 x 1080IMX27373 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-40gc1920 x 1200IMX24942 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-40gm1920 x 1200IMX24942 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-48gc1920 x 1200PYTHON 200050 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-48gm1920 x 1200PYTHON 200050 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA1920-50gc1920 x 1200IMX17450 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA1920-50gm1920 x 1200IMX17450 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2040-35gc2048 x 2048IMX26535 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2040-35gm2048 x 2048IMX26535 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2440-20gc2448 x 2048IMX26423 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2440-20gm2448 x 2048IMX26423 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA2500-20gc2590 x 2048PYTHON 500021 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA2500-20gm2590 x 2048PYTHON 500021 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA3088-16gc3088 x 2064IMX17816 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA3088-16gm3088 x 2064IMX17816 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4024-8gc4024 x 3036IMX2268 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4024-8gm4024 x 3036IMX2268 fpsMonoREAD MORE
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/Color
acA4096-11gc4096 x 2160IMX26712 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4096-11gm4096 x 2160IMX26712 fpsMonoREAD MORE
acA4112-8gc4096 x 3000IMX3048 fpsColorREAD MORE
acA4112-8gm4096 x 3000IMX3048 fpsMonoREAD MORE

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