Basler aviator


The Basler aviator series includes state-of-the-art high speed cameras with either a Camera Link or a Gigabit Ethernet interface. They deliver excellent image quality, even at high capture rates. Basler aviator cameras are equipped with the latest CCD sensor generation with four data outputs (4 taps).

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Resolutions of 1, 2 (4:3 and HDTV), and 4 MP
  • Max. capture rate of 120 fps
  • Standardized GigE and Camera Link interface
  • Excellent linearity, high dynamic range, and low noise level
  • Extremely attractive price/performance ratio
  • Fully quality tested and calibrated for consistently high performance and reliability
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
widthSensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
avA1000-100gc1024 x 10241024KAI-1050101 fpsColorREAD MORE
avA1000-100gm1024 x 10241024KAI-1050101 fpsMonoREAD MORE
avA1600-50gc1600 x 12001200KAI-205055 fpsColorREAD MORE
avA1600-50gm1600 x 12001200KAI-205055 fpsMonoREAD MORE
avA1900-50gc1920 x 10801080KAI-215051 fpsColorREAD MORE
avA1900-50gm1920 x 10801080KAI-215051 fpsMonoREAD MORE
avA2300-25gc2330 x 17501750KAI-405026 fpsColorREAD MORE
avA2300-25gm2330 x 17501750KAI-405026 fpsMonoREAD MORE

This product has been discontinued by Basler. Please contact our sales team for recommendations.

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