Basler boost Bundle

CoaXPress 2.0 camera and interface card from one source. Basler’s boost CXP-12 camera and CXP-12 interface card noticeably reduce your integration costs with an excellent price/benefit ratio. Together, they reach a new level of efficiency and will boost your performance!

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The new CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP-12) standard promises high bandwidths and simplified hardware setups for sophisticated image processing applications. In combination with the latest CMOS sensor generation, Basler offers you the boost camera series in a bundle with the well-tailored Basler CXP-12 interface card 1C. While customers previously had to acquire the two hardware components from different suppliers, we now offer you everything from one source. The benefit for you: coordinated communication between the camera and interface card – not just thanks to the GenTL compatibility but especially due to the ability to control them with a sophisticated and simple software toolset for both components: the pylon Camera Software Suite (SDK).

Compared to CoaXPress 1.1 (CXP-6), this bundle with the CXP-12 interface offers you twice the bandwidth and thus a significant cost benefit in the selection of your system hardware. When switching to CXP-12, camera link users benefit even more from the high-resolution, fast CMOS sensors as well as from reduced system complexity.

Camera ModelResolutionSensorFrame RateInterface
CXP-12 Bundle boA4096-93cm 1C9 MPSony93 fpsCoaXPress (CXP-12)Read More
CXP-12 Bundle boA4096-93cc 1C9 MPSony93 fpsCoaXPress (CXP-12)Read More
CXP-12 Bundle boA4112-68cm 1C12 MPSony68 fpsCoaXPress (CXP-12)Read More
CXP-12 Bundle boA4112-68cc 1C12 MPSony68 fpsCoaXPress (CXP-12)Read More

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