Basler dart

The Basler dart board level camera meets the requirements of a broad variety of vision applications and leaves no design wish unfulfilled. It meets the smallest space requirements, as well as demanding expectations for low weight, power consumption and heat generation. Put your trust in the latest technology, a highly cost-optimized design and Basler’s proven quality and reliability.

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Board level cameras with bare board, S- and CS-mount options
  • Bare board: just 27 x 27 mm and 5 g in weight; S and CS-Mount: only 29 x 29 mm at 15 g
  • Popular Aptina and e2v CMOS sensors with resolutions of 1.2 to 5 MP and up to 60 fps
  • PGI  – Basler’s unique feature set for powerful in-camera image optimization
  • One-cable solution with plug and play USB 3.0 interface
  • Basler’s LVDS interface BCON for sophisticated embedded technology requirements
  • Basler’s powerful pylon Camera Software Suite  included free
  • Long-term availability and industrially-proven reliability
  • Starting at €99 with best value for money and optimized total cost of ownership
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
widthSensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
daA1280-54uc1280 x 960960AR013454 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA1280-54um1280 x 960960AR013454 fpsMonoREAD MORE
daA1600-60uc1600 x 12001200EV76C57060 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA1600-60um1600 x 12001200EV76C57060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
daA1920-15um1920 x 10801080MT9P03115 fpsMonoREAD MORE
daA1920-30uc1920 x 10801080MT9P03130 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA1920-30um1920 x 10801080MT9P03130 fpsMonoREAD MORE
daA2500-14uc2592 x 19441944MT9P03114 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA2500-14um2592 x 19441944MT9P03114 fpsMonoREAD MORE
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
daA1280-54bc1280 x 690AR013454 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA1280-54bm1280 x 690AR013454 fpsMonoREAD MORE
daA1600-60bc1600 x 1200EV76C57060 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA1600-60bm1600 x 1200EV76C57060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
daA2500-14bc2592 x 1944MT9P03114 fpsColorREAD MORE
daA2500-14bm2592 x 1944MT9P03114 fpsMonoREAD MORE

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