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Basler DevKit daA4200-30mci-IMX8-EVK


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The Basler add on camera kit to NXP evaluation boards:
Camera Model: daA4200-30mci (S-Mount)
Board: BCON for MIPI to Mini SAS adapter
Lens: Evetar Lens M13B0618W F1.8 f6mm 1/3″
Cables: FFC cable, 0.2m

This Add-on Camera Kit is compatible with the following NXP Evaluation Boards: MCIMX8M-EVK, 8MMINILPD4-EVK, MCIMX8QM-CPU

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The Basler daA4200-30mci-IMX8-EVK Add-On Camera Kit helps you to add vision to the NXP evaluation boards.

This add-on camera kit supports the applications processors of the i.MX 8 series and provides the starting point to add vision to the popular evaluation boards from NXP. This kit comes with a 13 MP dart camera module, cable, lens, a BCON for MIPI to Mini SAS adapter, and a driver that is optimized for the processor.

This add-on camera kit is compatible with the following NXP evaluation boards:



Basler DevKit daA4200-30mci-IMX8-EVK Datasheet

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