Basler pilot

The high performance Basler pilot camera family includes GigE camera models with a variety of ON Semiconductor CCD sensors and one Sony CCD sensor. These cameras take maximum advantage of ON Semiconductor sensor technology and provide exceptionally good image quality. Basler pilot cameras can often substitute for more costly Camera Link cameras and frame grabbers.

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Resolutions from VGA to 5 MP
  • Max. capture rate of 210 fps
  • Standardized GigE interface
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Small, rugged housing for easy integration
  • Fully quality tested and calibrated for consistently high performance and reliability
Camera modelResolution
(H x V pixels)
SensorFrame RateMono/ColorInterface
piA640-210gc646 x 486486KAI-0340210 fpsColorREAD MORE
piA640-210gm648 x 488488KAI-0340210 fpsMonoREAD MORE
piA1000-48gc1000 x 10001000KAI-102048 fpsColorREAD MORE
piA1000-60gc1000 x 10001000KAI-102060 fpsColorREAD MORE
piA1000-48gm1004 x 10041004KAI-102048 fpsMonoREAD MORE
piA1000-60gm1004 x 10041004KAI-102060 fpsMonoREAD MORE
piA1600-35gc1604 x 12041204KAI-202035 fpsColorREAD MORE
piA1600-35gm1608 x 12081208KAI-202035 fpsMonoREAD MORE
piA1900-32gm1928 x 10841084KAI-209332 fpsMonoREAD MORE
piA2400-17gc2454 x 20562056ICX62517 fpsColorREAD MORE
piA2400-17gm2456 x 20582058ICX62517 fpsMonoREAD MORE

This product has been discontinued by Basler. Please contact our sales team for recommendations.

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